How to Make Money with Waynbo (As an Agent)

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Make money as an agent on Waynbo

We have received a couple of questions over time from Agents, merchants, small business owners and even Aggregators (Agent Networks) who have indicated an interest in using Waynbo. 

To that, we would like to say that we hear you and will answer all frequently asked questions on how to make money on Waynbo, in this post. 

So, stay glued and continue reading to get the answers to these questions. 

First off, what is Waynbo?

In simple terms, Waynbo is a revolutionary Super App that blends multiple financial services from different Providers into a one-stop solution.

To expand on this, Waynbo is an app that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to send money, withdraw, check accounts’ balances, buy airtime, pay bills and access other countless services for customers, as though they were at the Bank or other counter. With Waynbo, you can sign up to use our solution as an Agent and provide these financial services at a commission value that you set yourself.

Please, bear in mind that Waynbo is not an e-Wallet or a Financial Institution. Waynbo is a mobile solution that helps you easily manage multiple accounts from different service providers and sell their services to your customers.

Quick note: Waynbo also offers a white-label solution designed for service providers such as Fintechs, MNOs, Banks and other Financial Instituitions. Contact us to know more.

Why should I use Waynbo?

Unlike many other apps, Waynbo was specifically built with capabilities that overcome the difficulties experienced in rural areas.
But let’s see what’s so special about Waynbo…

Here’s 5 reasons why you should use Waynbo:

1. Works Offline

You can save your data because it uses automated USSD codes to transact offline. If you’re located in a low network area, that won’t be a problem too. 

2. You set your own commissions

We are not a service provider, so there’s no pre-set commission amounts. For each transaction (each service you sell), you decide the amount the customer pays for the service. 

3. Open for Multiple Provider Accounts 

Waynbo app is ready to link with more than one account. So you can manage multiple accounts and use only 1 app to sell services from different brands. 

4. Lets you sell more than financial services

Pay bills, pay utilities, check and validate BVN or NIN, and more. The marketplace of USSD codes lets you automatically access a lot of different services, from numerous categories. 

5. Helps you with digital bookkeeping 

Waynbo keeps everything organized for you. You don’t need to write down on paper your transactions anymore. All your business information is automatically saved in the app.

How to earn money using Waynbo as an Agent?

An Agent facilitates transactions for the customer and is paid a commission. 

When a customer approaches an Agent to either check their account balance, withdraw money, deposit money, send money, open an account, pay a utility bill, or render any other service, the Agent often charge a fee or commission per transaction as profit. 

So, in a very simple way the process is: 
1. A customer asks you for a service, for example, to purchase airtime 
2. The customer hands you the money in cash for the purchase (includes commission value) 
3. Use Waynbo to buy airtime for the customer number 
4. Enter the requested airtime amount 
5. Customer’s SIM card receives the airtime charge 
6. The customer is notified by an SMS on their phone 

Set your commission value

The interesting part is that as an Agent, you are allowed to set your commission value for each service rendered to a customer. You can set this fee and commission without our intervention.

As we already mentioned, Waynbo is not a service provider rather, we create the bridge that connects you with the numerous service providers. We facilitate the processes and provide access to financial services. That’s why we do not work with pre-set commission amounts.

What services can I sell? 

Cash in/Cash out 
One of the most frequent transactions that Agents carry out is the Cash-in & Cash-Out, whereby customers withdraw cash and deposit money. 

Money Transfer 
You can make transfers for people from your account balance and receive the equivalent in cash, at a set commission fee. You can earn money by providing assistance to people who want to carry out these transactions. 

Purchase instant airtime for customers from your account at a fee. 

More services from the Marketplace
Our recently launched USSD marketplace has made it easier to access multiple services from over 130 service providers (FSPs). This means that you can carry out countless transactions all from your device without leaving the app. 

Open Bank Accounts
This feature allows you to open a new bank account with any of the listed FSPs for a customer at a fee. 

Apply for loans
It is also integrated with loan platforms that gives access to request for instant loans on your customer’s behalf and for yourself too, during emergencies or otherwise.

Make payments for the purchase of products or digital services for the customer.

Pay utility bills
This function allows you to pay for your utility bills, electricity, and TV subscriptions and make other payments without dialing the USSD code. 

And there are more digital services from more categories for you to explore. 

Is Waynbo App free?

The free plan is available for everyone who downloads the app and requests an account to our team, through our WhatsApp number
As an independent Agent you can use Waynbo’s free plan.

What if I want to grow and start my own Aggregator business?

Most independent Agents usually start as entrepreneurs or small business owners (Merchants), who then go ahead to build their small Agency Network as an Aggregator to recruit their agents. 

You can upgrade to become an Aggregator once the business starts expanding and you are looking to build an Agent Network.


How to earn money using Waynbo as an Aggregator? 

There are several ways to make money from Waynbo as an Aggregator.
Scroll down to our mini glossary to understand what an Aggregator is. 

Aggregators act as the bridge between Service Providers and the customers. Your Aggregator business makes money via a commission-based model received per transaction from the service providers (Banks, Mobile Operators, Corporations). 

Once you, as an Aggregator manager, get and onboard an Agent and the Agent starts transacting, you can see the earnings in the app (performance screen).
To use Waynbo as an Aggregator profile, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan, called “business pack”. The Business Pack gives you more features and the ability to manage Agents that work for you.

With the business pack you’ll be able to: 
 • Build a Network and manage your Merchants and Agents 
 • Manage Agent cash, e-float and airtime 
 • Manage field devices and replacements 
 • Get reports of transactions geolocation (map view) 
 • Order biometric devices for NIN and BVN 

How does everything work?

1. You, as the manager, have an Administrator account
2. With this Admin account, you can recruit and register Agents
3. Your account works as an umbrella account with the Agents linked to it
4. All transactions performed by your Agents will show on the Waynbo app
5. You receive the commission amounts from your Agents’ sales
6. All the money transacted goes to your Bank account – linked to a Service Provider

What countries does Waynbo work in?

Waynbo is currently available and works in all parts of Nigeria.

We are expanding to other African countries, so follow us on social media and look out for updates on this.

When and where can I try Waynbo?

Are you an aspiring Agent or Aggregator interested in giving a boost to your business?

You can try Waynbo right now. Click the button to download it.


A business responsible for recruiting and managing Agents, with the purpose of selling value-added services. Hence, an Aggregator is an Agent Network itself and its activity is to help Service Providers, such as Banks or Mobile Network Operators, to reach their customers and serve them on their behalf.
An Aggregator acts as an intermediary between Service Providers and consumers. 

A person contracted to serve consumers in the last mile and process transactions for customers. The most important of these are cash-in and cash-out (i.e., loading a value into the mobile money system, and then converting it back out again); in many instances, Agents register new customers too and provide them assistance.

Financial Services Provider (FSP):
These are institutions that provide monetary services to people, businesses and corporations. Examples of FSPs are Banks, insurance companies, investment companies, stock brokerages etc. 

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