Waynbo Update: Flutterwave’s Mobile POS Integration and more!

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Waynbo Update with Flutterwave integration

Hey, the new Waynbo’s release 1.5.0 is here!

The Waynbo update brings great news, but the integration with the Flutterwave Mobile solution is undoubtedly the most exciting.
To understand the capabilities the Waynbo platform gains from the integration, we must first see what Flutterwave Mobile is and what is it for.

Integration with Flutterwave

What is Flutterwave Mobile?

Flutterwave Mobile is a Mobile POS solution developed by the digital payments platform Flutterwave. In other words, this solution allows using any mobile device as a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. This is extremely convenient as it makes it possible to use a smartphone or tablet to receive payments from customers, to register sales, and even to issue receipts.

But Waynbo already had payments. What changes and how does it work on Waynbo?

It’s simple:
Waynbo is used for the last-mile distribution of digital services, usually for financial products in Agency Banking, telecommunications services and Mobile Money products. However, although payments are made on Waynbo, the processing is done via the Bank or MNO system (the provider of the service), meaning that the payments are exclusively available for the sale of their own services.

Now, with the Flutterwave Mobile integration, payments on Waynbo are available for more use cases!

Functionalities in the current release 1.5.0

In this 1.5.0 release, 3 functions will be added:

💵 Cash-out: cash withdrawal process, in which the customer makes a payment with the amount he wants to withdraw in cash (assisted by Agent).
🧾 e-Payments (collections): payments for services provided by the Agent.
🛒 Payments for eCommerce: purchase of goods in online stores available in the network of agents.

Note: all of these payments include the receipt issuing feature.

For now, these are the added functions, but our development team is already working on all the functions unlocked by the integration with Flutterwave.

New business opportunities for Agent Network Managers

These payment options bring great advantages to Agent Network Managers and Aggregators who want to scale their business through the diversification of services. 

In Nigeria 🇳🇬, the Bizi Mobile agent network has expanded its eCommerce business. Bizi Mobile agents sell products from online stores that are present in their network. To do so, Bizi Mobile uses Waynbo as a showcase for products and as a POS to accept payments. The products are then delivered to customers’ homes.

Training for Agents & Teams with e-Learning Tool

Do you care for the quality of your services? 

The new training functionality for remote teams and agents improves the quality of service delivered. The Waynbo e-learning tool helps training employees or agents on company procedures and knowledge about the products they sell.
Well-trained staff and agents positively influence the customer experience, which ultimately results in greater consumer loyalty and more sales. 

Also, training reduces agent churn. One of the main causes of demotivation and dropout is the lack of knowledge about the procedures and products. Therefore, professional training and is important for Agents to feel confident in their activity. 

The Waynbo training feature allows you to send training content from different categories: 

🎓 Training and information for new products
📝 Instructions for new company procedures
🎯 Coaching for sales techniques
🦺 Teaching safety and hygiene guidelines at work 

These contents can be sent to agents (or staff) in PDF or video format. 

The training and e-learning functionality is part of the Agent Relationship Management (ARM) system from Waynbo platform.

Book a Demo to See the Features in Action

These features can improve your business.
Schedule a 30-minute demo and see how these tools are adapted to your company. During the session, you can ask any questions you want about other Waynbo features. The demo has no cost. So, you got nothing lose. Book now.