Waynbo Update: BVN/NIN Verification, Microsoft Sign-in and more!

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What have we been up to?

We have been working on a lot of features that will help you as an agent, micro merchant and agent network manager to not only manage your activities but also increase your revenue. We want you to as an agent experience a seamless onboarding experience and provide financial services, wherever you are, at ease.

Agents are the first contact customers have in the pipeline of financial inclusion, so that is why with Waynbo, we prioritize your journeys and experience. 

Let us take a deep dive into what we have been working on in our latest product releases. 

BVN/NIN verification now available in Nigeria

Identity verification is a Know-Your-Customer requirement that supports the anti-money laundering (AML) efforts at financial institutions to combat fraudulent activities caused by identity theft. It is one of the most important security measures that help to combat crime and ensures that a person is who they claim to be and not an impersonator. 

In our latest update, you can now carry out BVN and NIN verification for your customers at just N150 only. 

Here are some instances where it is necessary to verify a customer’s identity: 

  • High-risk transactions: For high-risk electronic transactions usually for large amounts that include access to client information or the transfer of money to another party, identification verification is essential. A customer comes up to you and requests to withdraw a certain amount from an account. To confirm that they are the owner of that account, their BVN or NIN can be verified to ensure that the information on the account matches the one on their ID.
  • Customer requests this service for their account KYC requirements in situations where they need to confirm that their details are correct or otherwise. 
  • Required for agent onboarding as an agent network manager or aggregator. 
  • It helps you to reduce fraudulent activities at your stand and saves you the cost of getting defrauded by scammers at your stand. 

Due to a rise in digital financial services activities in compliance with financial inclusion, companies are now incorporating more effective digital identification and authentication solutions to strengthen their security parameters and protect sensitive client and employee information. 

It is important to take adequate measures to mitigate fraud in your business as an agent.

How do you perform ID Verification on Waynbo 

  • Log into your Waynbo account 
  • Click on BVN/NIN on the dashboard 
  • Make payment using Card/USSD 
  • Input phone number and BVN/NIN 
  • And voila! Your verification is complete! 

*From now till the end of September, all users get a 10% cashback on all ID verifications done on Waynbo. 

Advanced Barcode Technology for ID capture in Mozambique

With our latest update, ID verification has never been easier. Now, our customers in Mozambique can now verify their driver’s license in two steps: 

  • Take a picture of your ID in real-time. 
  • Our barcode technology scans it and verifies it in a minute.

Easily sign in with your Microsoft account.

In our latest update, we integrated our platform with the Azure active directory, allowing our Enterprise customers to sign-in using their Microsoft account on our web portal. This is only available on our Enterprise pack for Microfinance Banks, Telcos and Fintechs. 

This allows for interoperability and easy access for large organizations that use our solution to drive network optimization. 

Our Enterprise pack was built to help your organization deliver your services to your customers by building a customized, robust system for you to deliver your services to your customers, regardless of where they are. 

Enterprise pack features: 

  • An offline-first white-label app with your brand elements to suit your agent/staff product portfolio 
  • Integrated teared-KYC with third-party wallets 
  • Staff and agent hierarchy management with access-based control 
  • Embedded mini-apps that allow you to include additional services under USSD or API interoperability
  • And so much more.

These are all our product-related updates from Waynbo. 

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Waynbo is currently available in Nigeria 🇳🇬, Ghana 🇬🇭, Mozambique 🇲🇿, and Uganda 🇺🇬.

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