Waynbo Update: USSD operations, Face Detection and more!

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Waynbo Update with USSD channel

Hello everyone! Release 1.8.0 is here.

As you probably have noticed, we don’t write a blogpost every time we launch an update. The last one was for the 1.6.0 release that brought the integration with Mobile POS Flutterwave. We only communicate here in the blog when the news is really, really good.

So, let’s see next what are the new features.

USSD Operations

Now Waynbo has the capability to call USSD codes automatically for different operations. The integration with the USSD channel enables the platform for countless actions for Mobile Money, Agency Banking, Insurance services, and other industries, in a much more flexible way.

Confused by the USSD?

These are the codes that start with * and end with # (e.g. *#123 #). You have probably already used it to check your SIM Card balance. Let’s see in more detail what it is about.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a communication protocol that uses GSM technology, such as cell phones. Simply put, they are text codes that run on the technology managed by Mobile Network Operators for the transmission of small amounts of data or commands.

What are USSD codes used for? 

USSD codes are extremely important for Financial Inclusion in emerging markets. 

In these countries, where the poor population has the so-called “feature phones”, USSD codes provide access to financial services through basic text commands. 

But there are more advantages related to the African context. In rural areas, where there is no internet coverage, the USSD service is the best alternative to manage financial transactions with mobile technology. 

In short, Waynbo now allows Banks and Telcos to use the USSD channel automatically within the platform to sell and deliver their products more easily in the last mile. 

Some examples of Mobile Money and Agency Banking transactions via USSD are: 

  • Buy or sell airtime
  • Buy bundles (SMS, data and minutes) 
  • Cash-in / Cash-out 
  • Banking transfers 
  • Balance statement 
  • and more…

Face Detection tool

The risk of fraud is one of the biggest problems in Digital Financial Services.

The new Face Detection tool in the Waynbo app helps to prevent illegal actions not only by fraudster customers but also agents.

Face Detection is used during the customer onboarding process and the services sales. The tool detects the biometric elements on a head, such as 2 eyes, and validates if it is actually a human face.
After validation, Waynbo captures the face and records the customer’s photo in the system, linking the image with the profile.

This function is crucial for the security and regulation of the Financial and Telecommunications industries. Face records are checked in audits.

In certain African countries, this is a mandatory requirement.

For example, in Mozambique, this is a requirement in the sale of SIM Cards, as they are linked to Mobile Money accounts. Telcos are required to save this customer information to ensure compliance with the rules imposed by the industry regulator.

Customizable Analytics Dashboards

We have not forgotten the Webapp. 

Although with different functionalities for users with different roles, the Webapp is obviously just as important as the mobile app in managing the agent channel.

Now, the Webapp has a tab for Analytics. The integration with Power BI (Microsoft) allows managers to customize Analytics Dashboards to follow the most important business metrics in real-time.

These Dashboards also include the Geo-mapping feature that allows managers and supervisors to track KPIs and other operational information by geographic area.

Waynbo Analytics screen

Analytics Dashboards represent a valuable tool for better monitoring and control of agents and remote sales staff. 

Are you curious to see these new features in action? 
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