What is Waynbo?

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Hello Africa!

And here it is! A new product that will revolutionize the distribution of digital services in Africa.

Waynbo is the next-gen platform for Alternative Delivery Channel management. 

In other words, Waynbo is a software that helps companies on the distribution of their digital services despite the frequent obstacles of the African context, such as 🚧 Difficult access to rural areas and distant communities 📶 Poor technologic infrastructures and weak internet coverage 🗂️ Undocumented population and people with low literacy. 

Thus, Waynbo is the ideal solution for companies that use teams in the field or agent networks to deliver their last-mile digital services. This means that the Waynbo platform is designed to manage:
🏦 Agency Banking (branchless banking channel)
📡 Agent Networks (telco’s agent channel)
📱 Remote Field Teams (digital field application) 

Developed by Papersoft Group

We are a company from Mozambique with offices in Nigeria and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Waynbo technology is developed by Papersoft Group, at the group’s development center in Portugal.

Papersoft Group has a long experience in last-mile solutions for African companies in the Banking and Telecommunications industries, such as Vodacom, Fidelity Bank and Ecobank. Papersoft have been developing different projects for these clients: identity verification with biometrics, mobile money, agency banking for digital financial services, and other use cases.

Waynbo was born from the need to consolidate all the know-how acquired in an innovative product, prepared for the future of the digital economy in Africa. The proof of this is the Super App that is part of the Waynbo platform.

The Super App

The Waynbo platform runs on a web version and a mobile version (app). The mobile version is used as a digital field application. The app was built according to a Super App model. The Super App is the main differentiator that makes Waynbo so special.

The Super App model allows you to integrate other apps and external services within Waynbo.

But what does “integration of apps and external services within Waynbo” mean?

Waynbo provides a marketplace, through which the user can access external apps and services. With this the user is able to access other functions, processes and services by 3rd parties, just using a single application: Waynbo!

The marketplace capacity is a distinctive advantage for companies, as it allows them to expand the service offer, add new sources of revenue and quickly scale the business.

Available on Google Play

Waynbo Google Play Profile

Kick-off Version and its Features

The mobile version is now available for download on Google Play. However, the current App version is exclusive to Waynbo clients and includes:

– Language Configuration
– Profile Configuration
– New Password Request
– Offline Mode
– e-Forms builder & management
– BVN enrollment
– MRZ code capture
– e-Signature
– PDF creation
– Geo-location capture
– Helpdesk Communication

To learn more about Waynbo’s features, please click here.

Free Version on Sight

Waynbo Team will soon launch a version with free features. The free version will offer useful tools for the daily activities of teams and agents in the field.

If you want to know more, contact us. We will be happy to help you to clarify any question about Waynbo or your business needs.