The impact of Covid-19 on the future of the Microfinance Services Industry

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Microfinance providers are often at the cutting edge of their industry – they are early adopters of technology and business processes which can accelerate time to market and customer touch. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented in recent history in driving the need to quickly fix inefficient processes, streamline workflows, accelerate revenue cycles, and transform how businesses interact with customers. 

To understand how the pandemic and economic disruption has impacted last-mile delivery services for microfinance, banking (Agency Banking), and mobile money providers, Papersoft, developer of Waynbo polled an extensive community of finance, mobile money, and agency sales professionals about their service delivery challenges related to field sales, agency management, business processes, and technology.
In gathering feedback from industry professionals, this infographic shares the survey’s data and industry insights, identifies frictions and gaps, and proposes creative, practical solutions that benefit both business and consumers.
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