A Single Platform

Waynbo is a tech ecosystem with 3 sets of features organized by business needs.
Each set addresses specific problems of the Alternative Delivery Channel of Agents.


A complete set of functions to onboard new customers with ID verification, KYC features.

Agent Management

Maximum control over remote teams or agents and insightful reports for business realignment.

Services Marketplace

An in-app marketplace to add new services by business partners or governmental institutions.

Let us show you how everything works.

360º agency channel management

The full platform offers an in-depth management capability, so that no detail escapes.

Too much? You can start with a single module and add new ones as your business needs grow.

Waynbo's flexibility is unique!

Waynbo’s flexibility means much more than its modular logic. Adaptability is in the platform’s essence. Waynbo is prepared to easily integrate with other systems and to facilitate interoperability.

Why Waynbo?

In many African regions, reaching customers in isolated communities with the traditional brick-and-mortar distribution model is a costly endeavor. Therefore, service companies such as banks turn to alternative delivery channels to serve underbanked consumers in distant regions.

However, even when in place, agency channels struggle with lack of network access and manual processes in the field, like paper forms, compliance checks and limited functionality. These are just some of the many “last mile” issues on reaching rural communities.

So, let’s see why Waynbo is the right solution.

Waynbo was designed to implement an efficient agency channel. The platform offers 3 sets of features to overcome terrain constraints and increase productivity in operations.

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Wonder how you can improve the Agency Channel?

Wonder how you can improve the Agency Channel?

Book a demo now!

Book a demo now!

the customer Onboarding

Waynbo provides a seamless experience through a digital onboarding process, including an automatic KYC enrollment and compliance checks. By digitizing the whole process, it becomes possible to apply risk-avoidance measures as AML norms and PEP verification, in a hassle free customer experience.

You will be able to successfully manage an agent network, upgrading the agency channel’s processes and quality, with greater data insights.


Know your Agent

Security is never enough. A “Know Your Agent” model that follows the same guidelines of KYC allows you to keep records of any agent or merchant working on your network.

Waynbo easily creates profiles when recruiting and onboarding new agents by digitizing the selection process.

Agents’ info and IDs are collected granting full compliance and more security to the network and operations.

Create a good Agent Relationship

In many cases, agents are multi-brand agents, so they are most likely to advocate your products and services when you ensure a good relation with them.

Features like real-time liquidity overviews, a training area and a performance dashboard, make sure that skilled agent networks are ready to onboard new customers.

This way, they can understand operations, get product assistance and receive help in their first operations.

Get insights about improvements for your Alternative Channel.

Get insights about improvements for your Alternative Channel.